Sunday, September 22, 2013

What, Exactly, Are We Fighting? / Who Serves the Beast?

What exactly are we fighting?  Who or what is the beast?  What are the beast's memes?  What is the political body of the beast, who's military is the beast death machine?
Think of it this way: 
1. The Torah and Talmud are the death cult memes
2. Zionism is the political expression of this memeplex,  it is death downloaded into a living realm. 
3. Israel is a holographic projection of that code into this realm.  It is like a viral computer program injected into a operating system, its leaders are only loyal to the beast
4. Israel will only exist as long as their are nations to war against and others to bleed, it is a parasitic to life itself, it has no existence independent of others, it is the destroyer of civilization, that's why (even in its own literature) Israel doesn't exist after the end times
5.  Israel isn't just destroying the flesh, it is trying to destroy the spirit, humanities humaneness all the while saying it represents life and the one true god (monothesism = fascism), it pretends to be life but is the antithesis of life, Israel is death and those attached to this terminator state, like the USA, is also on death row
6. The State of Israel is the psychopathic mind of the Jew hatched into the physical realm as a political system, it will only choose the most deprived action in every situation, it always chooses the most evil option while claiming the moral highground
7. No matter what deprived act or evil the Jews and their beast state commit, they will always claim they are in the right, as it kills it blames the victim, it creates false flags to attack the victim, it is never wrong
8. The holocaust is the religion of the beast, it will kill just as the old testament memes require, it will act more cruelly than claimed by the supposed holocaust experience screaming antisemitism as it is exposed in its deprived acts,  Israel is worse than the NAZI's
Who serves the Beast?
They say Gordon Brown isn't a Jew. . . lol
The world is under a god spell
The gospel is actually a Jewish written spell
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